Guardian Angel 101

Guardian Angel 101

Who is your guardian angel? What is her role?

Your guardian angel is a spirit of high vibration, high frequency, on a higher plane than you, more aware of their connection with god than you are and in fact truly able to see its interconnection with all things, in that sense she has no Ego, or sense of separation based upon fear.

Your guardian angel can have a dominant energy of female or male energy but is not male or female in the same anatomical way that we humans are male and female.

They have no physical form but can take a physical shape if needed.

They exist outside of time and space. For them time and space is the illusion that many of us struggle to comprehend.

Your guardian angel is with you from birth to death and therefore their familiarity with you and intimacy with you is greater than any other spirit, save that of god of course. (And in a sense they are just messengers of god and the way in which god maintains an intimate relationship with all of us, though we be in the billions.)

They are distinct from other angels, and they have told me that one of my roles is to explain this to people. Their role is to take care for you and no one else, and their tasks cover your whole being and your overall spiritual development.

Other guides or angels have specific tasks, come and go depending on you calling for them, are not just in charge of taking care of you but others as well, and often have a set time period of working with you.

Your guardian angel is the constant and the keeper of the doorway for allowing your other guides and angels in, sorta like a bouncer.

Calling in a guardian angel, as opposed to another guide for instance, means you want a holistic approach to your life journey that encompasses all you learned so far that has only to do with you and not the collective.

On the other hand, other guides could be focused solely on one aspect of your life: your ancestors, your relationships, unlocking or receiving training in spiritual gift you have, etc. These guides can also help with interrelationship problems with two or more people. These guides are very useful as well but they are not my focus nor is it my job to go into that area.

My focus is on the personal guardian. one way to understand your guardian angel is to view them as similar to your primary care doctor: they know you the most intimately and are the constant but may and often do refer you to specialists, like a neurologist or an oncologist, or a foot specialist etc, depending on the issue. So does your guardian angel remain the constant but will often help facilitate the connection with guides who provide more specialized and temporary support.

Guardian angel 101 (for the uninitiated):

1. Ask and you shall receive: whether you call it a prayer or not, if you ask the universe for something, your guardian angel is listening and is taking it as a serious request. Sometimes the response doesn’t come right away though, so make sure to be patient.

2. Surrender and trust: after you ask for what you want, whether it be healing, a new job, or a new boyfriend, it’s time to surrender to what comes back as a response. What it is may not look like exactly what you asked for but it will always contain the essence of what you asked for. This response was the result of god’s wisdom in what he thought would create the highest good for you. He knows better than anyone what you truly need, so instead of throwing a tantrum, accept his gift.

3. Connect: if you want guidance you have to practice connecting with your inner self as much as you can. Go jogging and connect with nature. Sit in prayer. Meditate for 15 minutes focusing on the breath. All these exercises will help you improve your connection with your angel.

4. Listen: your guardian angel is always sending you signs, hints and clues. He doesn’t always spell it out for you because the rules were you were not going to have your hand held in this life. He’ll give you the dots but your job is to sit down and connect them and act upon the guidance.

5. It’s your choice: the guardian angels work on the law of free will. Literally, if you do not want them or “need” them to be real for you, they won’t be. But the moment you have faith and trust that they are there, and actively choose to ask for their help, they will come through for you on the most amazing of ways. Sometimes in that very instant.

6. Guardian angels are positive not negative. Anything that has you feeling depressed, downtrodden, skeptical or at a loss is likely your mind–you putting yourself down. The voice of your angel is always encouraging, always uplifting, sometimes challenging and constructive yes, but always out for your highest good.

7. Guardian angels are not here to live your life for you, so do not fall into spiritual laziness or brattiness. No one gets to “phone it in” we all have our roles we must perform and work we need to do, either working on our own self-improvement or helping others in society. You will not always get what you want and also you will always have to put in some work in order to get what you want when you do in fact get it. 

8. Get ready to be tested. Life is a constant test, and we don’t always know the answers before we are given the test, and sometimes the teacher doesn’t even announce a test is taking place until the test is done – but I have found that your angel makes it very clear when the test is over and whether you passed it or not. If you don’t pass the test, the same pattern pops up again and so you have to keep at it until you learn the lesson. If you pass, you get a new lesson and a new test, so your education on this earth never ends!

9. Spiritual tests are the most important tests you are engaged in in this life, no other tests matter as much. Sometimes humans like to test you, but what matters more is that you past the test of life, because many human tests are actually not testing what truly matters: your character and the choices you make between right and wrong.

10. Angel love: the angels love you and are always here for you, they can give you healing at any moment – all you have to do is ask for it. More than ever they want you to know that they exist and that you don’t have to use cultural or conventional ways to try to understand them or relate to them–you can connect with them in any way that feels natural and real to you, they are here for you anyway, all that matters is your intent to connect with them and connection will be achieved no matter the method or words you use!

Much love,


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