Angel Translator Testimonial: The Story of The Miracle Baby

Angel Translator Testimonial: The Story of The Miracle Baby

Today, I thought I’d share one of the testimonials from my clients that resulted in one of the most miraculous results I’ve encountered so far. Hope you enjoy and hope it lifts your spirits to think about what’s possible this year. 

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The Story of The Miracle Baby: an angel reading testimonial by Valeria Magallanes

“The journey to my angel began almost three months before I got to meet her. 

Proof that God and our guardian angel are always around us, guiding us, sending us little messages to go in the right direction. Ollin Morales, a friend from Stanford, messaged me on facebook completely out of the blue with a friendly, “hey, how are you?”

Something moved me to reply immediately and I actually asked him if he was psychic because I had been yearning to connect with other writers. We talked about writing and decided to meet in the near future. 

During this time my husband and I were also trying to conceive our second child. We had already had one miscarriage, but we were both determined to keep trying and make our dream a reality. And as painful as it was, it was just easier for me to keep busy, try and ignore the sadness, push through it, and focus on my son. 

Unfortunately, it happened again a second and a third time. I felt like we were being punished. Like God had it out for us. Why didn’t we deserve another baby? What were we doing wrong? Was there something wrong with me? 

The third time I couldn’t just push through the pain. It was completely overwhelming. To add to this horrible circumstance, I was recovering from a broken foot and all I could do was cry and literally sit in the sadness. For the first time I was forced to process all of the pain I had been bottling up and pushing down deep inside. I share all of this because when being consumed by the depths of sadness, it is extremely difficult to stay focused on the big picture and rest in the faith that God has a plan. 

I have always believed that the universe has a reason for everything good or bad, and as I look back now, if I hadn’t broken my foot, I wouldn’t have taken the time to truly process my grief. I started to talk about my miscarriages with friends, family and even other moms in my neighborhood. The more I talked the easier it got and surprising many women had also had miscarriages and we somehow were able to bond over the loss, and be comforted by the fact that we weren’t alone in our experience.  

A couple of weeks later, Ollin again reached out to me and we set a date to meet. I was excited to get out of the house and talk to someone about anything other than mommy life. But of course, as fate, God, the universe would have it, when we met up, we inevitably began to catch up and I just couldn’t avoid talking about the miscarriages and my family’s desire for another baby. Ollin kind of made a face and got a little quiet. He said he thought this might be the real reason we were supposed to be meeting. He began to describe his work as an angel translator of sorts and explained that they are always at work in our lives and very often push him to reach out to people in times of need. 

I was definitely in a time of need. 

I desperately needed an affirmation in my faith and connection to the positive flow of energy in universe. Needless to say I was completely in awe and intrigued. 

We set up another date so I could speak to my guardian angel directly, even though she was there that day pushing Ollin to make her presence and urgency of communicating known. I counted down the days until our meeting. 

I could not wait to hear what she had to say. I was so hungry for her guidance. 

About a week later, with a list of questions in hand, our conversation began after a cleansing of the space. 

Of course I wanted to know if we were going to be able to conceive and the answer was yes, but to stop trying to make it happen on our schedule, patience would be key. 

I also needed to know what career path to focus on and how to improve my relationship with my husband. 

I felt like I was speaking with a life long girlfriend who wasn’t afraid to give it to me straight. She was feisty, funny, and gave me all of the answers I needed to be able to move forward in my life with a strong sense of direction and my faith completely intact. 

It was a powerful, emotional experience that reaffirmed a lot of the things that my heart and instincts were telling me. 

My conversation with Clara, my guardian angel, taught me that she has, and will always be around, and that all of those signs and feelings of intuition I have experienced throughout my life are just her way of communicating and reminding me of my true path that the universe has set before me. 

It was at that moment that I decided to let go of all the pain and stop forcing the process of conceiving. 

I completely put it in God’s hands. 

To my surprise, one week later I found out I was pregnant! It was as if the instant I listened to Clara’s advice and applied it with every fiber of my being my dream came true. 

I knew in my heart that this baby would be healthy and make it past the dreaded 12 week mark.  

Today, we are only six weeks away from welcoming our baby boy Osiris into this world! It is incredibly comforting to know Clara is always by my side, looking out for my best interest, and as Ollin reminded me, I don’t need him to communicate with her. All I need to do is reach out to her and listen. Listen to my heart. Listen to my gut. Listen to those opportunities out of the blue. 

Because if they appear to be heaven sent, they are.”

~ Valeria Magallanes

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