The Chakras 101

The Chakras 101

There are seven Chakras, or energy centers in your body, they run on pure unconditional love, or chi /reiki energy.

The skybound Chakras: Spirit Chakra (above the crown of the head), The Mind Chakra ( in the middle of the forehead) and The Throat Chakra (at the throat); then the Earthbound chakras: the Body Chakra (above the navel) the Sexuality Chakra (above the genitals), and The Community Chakra (at the root of the spine)

The top three chakras connect us with the nonphysical part of ourselves, our spirit, our thoughts, our expressions, while the three chakras below deal with the physical: our bodies, our sensuality, our relationships with others and the environment.

Finally The Heart Chakra, at the center of our chest, is the balancing chakra.

Here is an explanation of the chakras in detail, as interpreted by me, from top to bottom:

The Spirit Chakra (a.k.a Crown Chakra)

The Spirit Chakra (located above your head, your halo) is your connection with source, God, energy – basically you ability to see yourself as one with everything, limitless, powerful, as having a important purpose and role to play, and as having many supernatural gifts that are to be used for the healing of this nation and this world.

Calling, purpose, your personal legend, your dharma, your dream – these are all different words for the spiritual contract you signed before coming to this earth at this time.

You are here for a reason, and you can only unlock that purpose by going within connecting with you spirit and recalling that purpose.

The moment you uncover your true purpose your challenge is to fulfill it and trust that all will be aligned to help a achieve it.

The Spirit Chakras role is to be a pure connection with your divine nature and with your core essence which came here to transcend the physical not be mired by it.

The Spirit Chakra is also where your intuition resides:

Intuition doesn’t work like the mind or the heart, it’s often non-logical, non-linear, and whimsical. Don’t always take things literally. Sometimes words or visions are more symbolic – and sometimes they will only make sense to you after some time has passed.

Don’t obsesses over or exaggerate the importance of an intuitive hit, connect with it when it comes, see if it can be acted upon, if it can’t or it isn’t making sense to you, leave it. It’s probably for later.

For instance, two years ago I was looking at what I was going to do next with my life, and the intuitive hit I got was the word “carpenter”. Not only did I take it literally but I obsessed over it too much literally looking into jobs in carpentry. Finally a year later, after doing angel healings for people it hit me: carpenter was a symbol denoting Jesus, who was himself a healer.

This was a confirmation for me that the work I was doing was in the cards all along, but at the time they couldn’t reveal it completely because I simply was not ready.

For intuitive hits you cannot act on at the moment, and don’t seem to make sense to you, just let them go, it will make sense in due time.

The Mind Chakra (a.k.a The Third Eye Chakra)

The Mind Chakra (located at the center of your head) is all about thought forms.

Many people believe that who they are is their thoughts. You must meditate on a regular basis and practice observing your thoughts to realize that you are not your thoughts but the spirit observing your thoughts – thoughts which were meant to be utilized by the spirit to create their reality.

Thoughts are where we practice free will. Many people believe that other Chakras are were the will reside and in fact the free will choices we make all take place within the Mind Chakra. It is here where the creation of what we think is possible for us takes place by making choices about our self-beliefs and our beliefs about others.

We are not a slave to thoughts, we are their masters, we may feel enslaved to these thoughts but we are not. Meditation on a regular basis will help us regain control over our mental processes so we can shift back into a positive state of mind

The Throat Chakra 

The Throat Chakra is all about expression: Your ability to fully express your souls purpose and energy.

Are you speaking up for yourself? Are you sharing how you truly feel? Are you speaking the truth? 

The Throat is all about letting the vibratory nature of your spoken words to shift your outer reality to align it with your souls calling – have you heard of “speaking it into existence”?

This is what is meant by that. Don’t just write down affirmations about yourself, speak them out loud: identify with the positive, speak in the now moment that which you wish to be, as if you already are that, because you are already that anyway.

Our voices and words carry with them a resonance a frequency that is either high or low, healing or harmful – what words are you speaking? What words are you denying yourself to be spoken out loud?

Choose to speak high, not low, healing and not harmful words, don’t shut up, let them hear what is truly on your mind.

The Heart Chakra 

The Heart Chakra is the balancing chakra. This is why when people say follow your heart, they are meaning to check in with the heart chakra to see if it is balanced and overflowing with love when making a choice.

But The Heart Chakra is interconnected with the chakras above and below it, the skybound Chakras and the earthbound Chakras.

The Heart Chakra lies at the center of this physical and nonphysical dynamic for a reason: to help make sure the non-physical part of you is balanced with the physical.

Your hearts desire is for the spirit part of you to be manifested in the physical totally – only then are both the skybound and the earth bound chakras in complete balance and alignment.

When making a decision if your heart feels at peace and overflowing with unconditional love (meaning: no suffering is present) then this is a good choice for you.

It means that what your spirit wants will be manifested physically through that choice.

Finally – the Heart Chakra is all about emotions and feelings: are you feeling your feelings or repressing then?

If you are angry punch a pillow, if you are sad, cry, if your frustrated go for a jog – let yourself release negative feeling states, they are only temporary and your body is specifically designed to help these negative emotions be quickly and efficiently released from the system.

All you have to do is allow the natural process to take place, not resist, and you’ll feel better.

(Holding in emotions is one of the major reasons behind a blocked chakra system, so be vigilant here.)

The Body Chakra (a.k.a The Solar Plexus Chakra)

The Body Chakra (located above the navel) is referred to as the “core” in fitness. For good reason: it is here where our being meets with physical reality. All thought forms and emotions become physicalized through this Chakra – and we engage with the physical here, too, in our interaction with the physical world when it comes to the food we eat and the type of movement we engage in.

The Body Chakra is not just about your diet and exercise routine health, it is about rest, relaxation and also about being embodied – which can only happen if you are totally present.

Be in your body by checking in with it constantly – what signs and signals is it giving you? Trust the body – physical pain is to be listened to not feared or repressed. It’s a warning sign asking you to look around for what is causing you suffering.

For the physical always has its roots in the emotional and spiritual – this is the lesson of this Chakra.

The Sexuality Chakra (a.k.a Sacral Chakra)

The Sexuality Chakra does not just pertain to sex, it’s also about our personal power, where our energy is at its most dense and raw. This energy can be funneled into creative endeavors and not just romance. We can also utilize this energy to create financial wealth and abundance as money is just another form of spiritual energy.

The Divine Feminine rising in our age will make this Chakra particularly tumultuous for women at this time and it’s important to call on your inner goddess to come forth at this time if you are a woman – what does that mean? Calling on your inner goddess simply means being willing to stand in your full power as a woman at this time.

The Community Chakra (a.k.a Root Chakra)

The Community Chakra (located at the root of the spine) is where we go from individual to a collective destiny and purpose. Here we rest in humility, in service to others, in service to the greater good.

If you notice, the energy that started at The Spirit Chakra must land finally in the Community Chakra for the full balance to be completed. This means that our individual destiny must eventually hit the truth of being part of a collective destiny we all share – if you cannot connect your individual destiny with how your destiny can contribute to the greater good, the flow through the chakras will get stuck, and you’ll find yourself confused.

Energy doesn’t lie. If you are self-centered and selfish you will experience a block in the flow reflected in the chakra system at the root of the spine, release the flow by using your souls purpose to serve the greater good and the block will be dissolved.

Final Thoughts

The Chakra system is in your complete control – it can either be an open or closed system, there is no in between mode.

What closes the system and blocks it is thought forms based on fear and limitation – read: lies.

What opens the system is thought forms based on unconditional love, healing and expansion. The truth also opens up the system.

Being present with the flow of life also immediately opens the chakra system.

When the system is open the flow of unconditional love, or Chi as some call it, causes great joy and peace – when it is closed it gets obstructed and pain and great suffering results.

Sitting in quiet meditation on a daily basis and connecting with each chakra, sending healing and positive vibrations, intending to open them and not close them, will open up vast and unexpected avenues for yourself.

The Chakras do exist and you can build your own private, personal interpretation of them through first-hand experience that can reflect or further elucidate my own understanding of them that I shared with you today.

You can feel your chakra system, and if you imagine yourself sending love and healing to the areas I denoted, trust me, you will feel the Chakras respond almost in that same instant.

It might even startle you at first to feel the shift and to finally recognize that your energy system is stunningly real and in your complete control.

Much love,


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