Auras 101

Auras 101

The aura is an energy field that spans three feet all around your body. This energy is a reflection of the health of your chakra system. In fact, the Chakras are projected into the auric field of a person.

Tuning into the aura on a regular basis can help you better understand the aura – intend to heal it, clear it and fill the aura with love and you will notice a great shift in its energy.

The Problems With The Aura

The problems with the aura mainly stem from its tendency to absorb the negative energy of other people.

Always try to keep a good distance from someone dense in negative energy so that this energy does not affect you. This is why culturally we have norms about people sitting or getting too close to us, or invading our space: unwanted and negative invasions of space do affect our energy and could have us in suffering the whole day if we are not aware as to what is happening to us.

Healing The Aura

The first step to healing the aura field is awareness. In meditation tune into the aura – it should feel light, filled with love, at peace, in balance and it should feel as if it has in it an extension of your energy – in other words, you should feel “at home” in your aura.

Second, look into what color your aura is. There is a dominant color to a persons aura that directly reflects your personality. Try imagining all the colors on the the rainbow spectrum one at a time and see which color feels the most comfortable to you. This is likely your “ground color.”

Finally, imagine this color cleansing your aura and removing any negative energy accumulated in the aura. Imagine that negative energy going to the core of the earth or going into the sky – where that dense energy is healed.

Other than your ground color, white light, a combination of all the colors, is best to heal the aura quickly and effectively. The effect is calming, relaxing and peaceful, but passive.

A rainbow light, on the other hand, is also healing but helps to energize the aura with a more active, excitable energy.

Complications with The Aura

Complications with the aura arise when we are not mindful of our surroundings and what types of people we hang around with. If we are surrounded by negative people, chances are, our own aura will be negative. (I have noticed that regular cleansing of the aura actually deflects negative people, it’s almost as if the healing energy is too much for them to be around and so intuitively they depart from your life.)

Another issue with auras is misunderstanding that the aura has its own intelligence and is responding to your free will choice. Its always active but will work best for you if you actively intend to heal it and clear it.

Aura Colors

I wish to review a few of the most common aura colors I have seen in my clients and what my interpretation of their meaning is:


A blue aura represents someone who is a leader, often in business, who is a great communicator and easily adapts to social situations – but they are often introverted as well as a balance to their public and more dynamic personality. In private they perfer quiet and simplicity – in their professions however they desire challenges and noise and a bit of healthy chaos. Highly driven individuals – the blue auras are always busy because they came here to be leaders in business and finance, creating a better and more prosperous world through the fair exchange of goods and services.


Pink auras are here in supportive roles, they love to be influential but hate the blaring attention of the limelight and don’t mind not getting the attention as long as they are respected and treated fairly, generally, if that is the case, they love propping up others and making the dreams of others come true. They are facilitators, behind the scenes folks, like managers, agents, asssistants, designers, accountants, tax people, support staff.

They love balancing the books and orderly things so you may find them in accounting or clerk type positions. They did not come here to make big waves for themselves but they enjoy being part of any big wave, they work very well in groups and make great secretaries.

But be careful not to ignore them or not give them their just due because they make themselves invaluable and can easily transfer their skills to another person. Or place. They are heavy planners, calendar makers, bullet point makers, note takers, have several pens for different things, have many colored note pads, are organizers who always have a system in place and hate people who have no system or people who disrespect systems.

Pink auras love to be gatekeepers. If you want to flatter a pink aura person recognize how hard they work but be genuine about it – they hate brownnosing and inauthenticity.

Fake people are not welcome in a pink auras life. Nor are manipulative or self-serving, superficial people.

Pink auras came to teach us the value of supporting each other’s achievements, goals and accomplishments, and working as a team, in both complex and simple ways.

They are very good with money.


The red auras are highly sensual individuals – and have a profound connection with the power of sex and sexual energy to heal. They are highly interested in physical fitness and diet and their interest in physical attraction is not egotistical, selfish or superficial – they simply are great admirers of the human body and its beauty as a reflection of spiritual energy. 

They are highly physical in other ways too – they are impatient about making dreams come true and completing any project – red auras are highly active, always on the move, restless but in a good way and hate anything that stands in the way of their hearts desire.

They find slowness and gradualness frustrating and annoying and will likely find peace outside of traditional institutional frameworks.

If you are a red aura you likely quit jobs often, constantly change professions, or you run your own business, are traveling the world right now, or you move from startup business to startup business.

Red auras came here to defy convention -shake up the world and be the sexy rebel.


Green auras are our healers. Gentle, calm, soothing, family oriented, lovers of stability and safety, they are often our doctors, nurses, caretakers and teachers of children. Highly sensitive and deeply intuitive – green auras do not understand the need for violence, extreme views, they hate people who curse or raise their voice and enjoy small groups of people versus large crowds.

They are deeply spiritual and often the most humble but regular churchgoers – they are wise, but quiet. You have to push green auras a little if you want to get to know them. 

Green auras can’t handle romantic relationships with any other aura color, except for maybe brown or purple  – they are too sensitive for the more intense vibrations. Usually, a green aura is paired with another green aura. For green auras, opposites do not attract, they repel.

Green auras came here to serve, to heal, but sometimes they do end up in more violent types of places like in military service – they may feel they don’t belong there but may have a calling to be there. This is because places like the military need the grounding energy of a green aura. If this is the case for you, just make sure your personal life is surrounded with less extreme energy so that you keep your sense of groundedness.


Yellow are the intelligent, cerebral ones. They are our scientists, our mathematicians but also some of our artists as well.

High in reason and in logic, they only like to see things in a linear fashion and their stubbornness in this regard makes it hard for them to connect with non-intellectual people.

They have a high regard for book knowledge – at times too high regard for it as they don’t see the use of whimsy, mystery or paradox.

Everything is a problem that they can solve. And they love numbers and think that’s what everything can be boiled down to, and in a way they are right.

They often have high education, many accolades, are leaders in their fields but tend to avoid the public or political arena. They are loners and love it. They are also perfectionists and strive for high quality in all they do, and yet the are not strict and can be irreverent at times.

They will concede if somone makes a good argument, and although stubborn, they are not rigid enough to deny having lost a fight; they tend to win most fights–their excellent logic often serves them well–but are surprisingly humble and gracious when losing.

Yellow auras came here to help us stay grounded in reality and our physical world. There is no use in convincing them that there are truths beyond the physical or logical world and that’s because they did not come to explore anything beyond that. Accept them as they are – they are perfect as they are.


The orange auras are friendly, social, kind, jovial and creative. Artists tend to be orange in their aura. This is because orange is a perfect blend of the intellectual (yellow) and the adventurous (red). 

Orange auras move back and forth from daring feats to more logical moves. They don’t see the need to choose between adventure and sticking to convention. To them, they can have both and are happier that way.

Orange auras can have difficulty with finances because the mix of yellow and red impulses are often at odds with each other. It’s best to focus on balancing these two energies than going to either extreme. Orange auras cannot be too adventurous or they panic, but they can’t be too reasonable either or they fall into desperation and boredom.

Orange auras came to teach us how to balance our sense of adventure with our need for safety and stability – they LOVE having one foot in the spirit world and one foot in the physical world. They are people of “the border.” In between, never choosing sides and always seeing the point of both a liberal and conservative approach as long as it’s based on how it serves their highest good.

Purple (or Indigo)

Purple auras are our mediums, channels, psychics, intuitives and shamans. They are mystics and priests, seers, sages, prophets, wizards and witches – they are deeply clairevoyant (spiritual sight) calireaudient (spiritual hearing) Clairesentient (spiritual feeling) or clairecognizant (spiritual knowing).

They are the empaths (people deeply sensitive to the emotions of others) that literally feel the suffering of this world, often too powerful for their own good.

They are often seen as weird, otherworldly, prone to whimsy and flights of fancy, always grounded in their intuitive impulses but very little else. They don’t care much for worldly possessions and are not as obessessed with sex and romance, or pursuit of power or money, as the rest of society are. 

Their obsession lies in God, in the beyond, in spirits, in other dimensions, in outerspace, deep in nature or deep within themselves.

They appear to procrastinate, and get lost all the time.

They’re generally bad with directions and bad with deadlines simply because they can pierce through the veil of reality and see that space and time are an illusion.

What’s the rush? They seem to be communicating with the lack of urgency in their energy field, there’s only the here and now anyway!

They tend to be hard to understand and they are often mistaken as being lazy, unproductive or absentminded.

But they are actually very busy and hard working people but all of it takes place in the invisible realms you cannot perceive and therefore you may lack respect for it, though it be powerful transformative work that is necessary for humanity to change.

(People can suddenly shift into purple aura energy in their old age, only becoming healers and mediums later in life, because they have proven to be worthy to explore the beyond by that point in their lives.)

Their work is highly important though you cannot see it.

The purple auras take their sweet precious time and are usually the calm ones in every storm – they are here to constantly remind us of our non-physical selves and the spiritual beings we are and the spirits that surround us.

For purple auras, death is nothing to fear, they have a knowing that they’ve lived many lifetimes and that their spirit will live on beyond this one, and they have a deep awareness that this is earth is not truly home for them and they often long to return to source, or God.

Have patience with purple auras and take them on as mentors and teachers but know they will have trouble being friends with anyone who is not a purple aura like themselves – they do not like living in illusion so they may tell you the unvarnished truth constantly which will lead you to end the friendship because it’s too much to handle having your illusions constantly shattered.


The brown auras are our civil servants, our humanitarians, our philanthropists, our activists, our judges, our police officers, our lawyers, our firefighters. They are defenders, fighters, they love and resonate strongly with loyalty and service to the greater good. Selflessness, self-sacrificing, but very efficient – browns are also egalitarian in nature. Equality, fairness, justice and law and order matter a lot to them.

They can become very vengeful and often carry a chip on their shoulder, but this is because they are vessels of divine justice and retribution.

As long as they are trying to right a wrong  they are very happy, even if they are alone or poor or lacking in conventional sources of happiness, knowing that they are helping others is all that matters to them and lights them up almost immediately.

And they really don’t care about anything else.

Black (or Grey, or muddy versions of the colors mentioned above)

Black, muddy, or grey auras are sick auras – they usually represent a lifetime of negative thinking. 

Dark auras are people who are consistently depressed, cynical, angry, hateful, bitter, sad, fearful, anxious: they always consider the worst case scenario of every moment of life. They constantly linger on tragedy and the bad side of life.

They are pessimistic about everything – they harshly judge, criticize and attempt to control others using fear tactics. Guilt-trips, causing confusion, causing chaos or shaming are a common tactics they use to gain power over you.  They usually have few friends and few family members who truly love them.

They are constantly despondent, apathetic, bored, lazy. They lie, cheat, and steal their way to any kind of success they have. They are disloyal – self-serving, narcissistic, duplicitous, highly unconscious individuals.

They often neglect themselves physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. They often wallow in deep self-loathing. They take no responsibility for their actions and constantly blame others for their unfavorable position or poor work ethic.

They are almost never happy, they are nearly always miserable. Many are suicidal.

They delight in other people’s pain and are displeased when somone other than them gets promoted or has success.

They are the bullies of this world, with a shark-like mentality, always looking to take advantage of “weak” people and the vulnerable and powerless.

They are the most insecure person in the office but act as if they are invincible. They like to divide, conquer, and turn you to the dark side to make you as cynical as them.

Don’t buy into their negativity – the dark auras are here to test us and challenge us to choose light and love and healing over darkness, hate, and suffering. In that way, the dark auras help us grow spiritually.

Note: a dark aura could also be the early warning signs of a severe illness or a mental health issue. See a doctor, a therapist, and/or a spiritual healer if you perceive your aura as overtly heavy, dense or dark, but cannot clear this darkness or heaviness no matter how much you try to cleanse the aura.

Aura 101: Conclusion

I challenge you to get familiar with the aura – see if you can see people’s auras and practice guessing what color you see. 

In the end, each of us reflects these different color patterns in our aura at different stages of our life–sometimes a different stages of the day. But the color that is the constant mostly represents who we are and can help us clarify our mission on earth.

Explore the aura, its many diverse colors and even the colors not listed here.

The aura is always around you and it never goes away – so why not learn how to take care of it and use it to your advantage?

Much love,


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