What Is The Spirit (Or Crown) Chakra?

What Is The Spirit (Or Crown) Chakra?

The Spirit Chakra, otherwise known as the Crown Chakra, is located two inches above the head and usually corresponds with the color white.

The geometric shape that corresponds with this Chakra is the dodecahedron. The corresponding element is the union of all elements into One non-dualistic, indivisible form, or The All. 

What is its role in my life?

The role of The Spirit Chakra is to help you understand that you are a divine spirit who is here for a purpose, a destiny, a dharma, a personal legend.

In our lives, we are dealing with the Spirit Chakra when we are struggling with the “Why?” 

Why is this happening to me? Why am I here?

And the “Who:”

Who am I? Who are these people to me–what is this partner, family, or neighbors significance in my life?

The Spirit Chakras lesson is to help you connect and ground yourself with the source of all things, whether you call it God, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Jesus, or The Great Creator. 

You must learn that you are apart of this source and it is a part of you. 

If you can fully accept your destiny on earth, and live by the principle that your spirit created that destiny for you, then you will have a healthy Spirit Chakra. If, however, you recieve the call and refuse it, you will become like Jonah in the whale: miserable, unhappy, lost, overwhelmed and consumed by life.

The gifts of this Chakra

There are many supernatural gifts that you have. These are blessings, spiritual tools that god has given you to help you succeed in your life’s purpose.

The more you utilize these gifts the more happy and fulfilled you will feel, the more you refuse, the less happy and the more “stuck” you will feel.

Perhaps you’re clairevoyant, Clairesentient, claireaudient? Maybe you connect with nature spirits, maybe you are precognizant or can interpret dreams, who knows! 

Explore, have fun! What an adventure!

Fully accept your supernatural gifts and don’t be afraid to share them with others who are supportive of you.

Use these gifts to help you succeed in life.

Healing this Chakra 

Tune into this Chakra in meditation. Ask for it to reveal to you its knowing. Ask it:

What is my purpose? Why am I here? Who am I?

Ask the Spirit Chakra to reveal what it knows to you, it will.

The answer may come as a feeling, a vision, a dream, a message from a friend, or through a book or blog post. The answer might come instantly or over time.

Once you get the answer trust it: go with the flow. 

Trusting your Spirit Chakra and allowing it to show you your purpose will heal the Chakra.

Interlocking purposes

When trying to understand shared purposes with other people in your life, like a soul mate relationship,  you are going to have to work on healing the Spirit Chakra and The Community (or Root) Chakra simultaneously as the Community Chakras lesson has to do with your relationship with other people.

  • Meditate today on your Spirit Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.

This blog post is part one of a seven part series. Stay tuned for the next post where we discuss the Mind Chakra.

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