What is The Mind (or Third Eye) Chakra?

What is The Mind (or Third Eye) Chakra?

The Mind Chakra (also known as The Brow or Third Eye) Chakra is located in the center of the head above the brow area. (Think of the red dot that Indians sometimes wear to denote this Chakra–that is where it is located.)

The Mind Chakra often corresponds with the color purple or Indigo. The geometric shape that corresponds with this Chakra is the circle. The element associated with this Chakra is the Ayin, or absence of all elements, essentially The Nothing.

Lessons of this Chakra

This Chakra is all about thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

What thoughts dominate your life? What are your beliefs about yourself and others? What ideas do you have about what your potential is and what the universe is capable of?

The main lesson of this Chakra is to see if you can detach from your thoughts and not let them control your life. Can you be, as Eckhart Tolle says: a witness to thought and not the thought itself?

To become your thoughts is to become seperate from everbody else: to become egoic.

You are not seperate from anybody else, you are profoundly connected with everyone else, the planet and the cosmos.

Thoughts are supposed to be used to assert your soul’s will, you are not supposed to be a slave to your thoughts.

Gifts of this Chakra 

The gift of This Chakra is the gift of choice, recognizing that you get to choose what you believe and what you want to create as true for you in this life.

Do not get it confused: you alone cannot make things happen–you will always need a force bigger than you. But what The Mind Chakra is here to give you is a choice in the matter. You have a destiny, yes, but you choose your destiny by focusing on intention, and you can make your intention clear to the universe through prayer or affirmation, or what some call “mantras.”

Healing this Chakra

The only way to heal this Chakra is through meditation.

Sit still in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Start to observe your thoughts. At first, it will seem like a lot, but remember that there is no “mastering” or “winning” meditation, just experiencing it.

The moment you simply intend to meditate without trying to win at it is the moment meditation begins.

Stay aware of your thoughts, then bring in an awareness of your body, your surroundings, the air on your face, the sun in the sky. 

Focus on the breath and notice the breath.

Give attention to your mind. Give attention to your spirit. Give attention to the energy as it moves through your body.

What is this energy? I call it The Love Stream. Others call it chi, qi, shakti, prana, The Force, Consciousness, The Holy Spirit, or Reiki. This is the divine universal energy that connects us all. See if you can recognize it and move in the direction it’s going.

After this meditation is complete, look around for a moment and see how you feel: do you feel lighter? More relaxed? More present? More here? If you do feel a difference, even if it’s slight, this is proof that your meditation practice is working for you.

Repeat this meditation daily.

Interlocking purposes 

The Mind Chakra goes deeply hand in hand with The Heart Chakra: when clearing painful emotions we must always check in with our Mind Chakra to make sure there are no unhealthy thought patterns causing negative emotions in our heart.

Try affirmations such as “I feel joy, I feel peace, I am joyful, I am peaceful” so that the intent is clear to your mind that you want to think happy thoughts and not sad ones. This should result in happier feelings unless there are more negative emotions you need to heal.

  • Meditate today on your Mind Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.

This is part two of a seven part series. We will discuss The Expressive Chakra next.

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