What Is The Expressive (or Throat) Chakra?

What Is The Expressive (or Throat) Chakra?

The Expressive Chakra is located at the center of the throat, and that is why it is sometimes referred to as The Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra often corresponds with the color blue. The corresponding geometric shape is the octahedron and the corresponding element is air.

The lessons of this Chakra

The lesson of the throat Chakra is quite simple: are you allowing yourself to express, or reveal, the magnificence that you are? Are you setting appropriate boundaries of respect for yourself? Are you standing up and speaking up for your needs and wants?

Your spirit wants to express itself and influence this world, you must let it.

The gifts of this Chakra 

Through this Chakra comes your special talents, skills and abilities – the gift of this Chakra therefore is the ability to have a unique voice, a unique mark on this world.

When somone is making a “mark” on this world, they are working on their Expressive Chakra.

The gift of this Chakra is seeing how your presence and influence changes others and society for the better. Most people have a negative association with this Chakra since it’s often associated with being “difficult,” “needy,” “a drama queen,” a “b***h”, a “spoiled brat,” or “whiny.”

But remember that being who you are is not a drag on the rest of us: being who you are lifts us up, contributes to the whole, gives the rest of us courage, and empowers your descendants.

Healing this Chakra

Make a list of places where you feel you are not being heard or seen. List the people who you feel are not hearing you or seeing you.

List the ways in which you feel others are crossing your boundaries.

Once you’ve made this list see if you can reclaim your power and make it your job to make sure people hear and see you and respect your boundaries.

For instance: talk with your boss about how he/she needs to let you take some time off from work. Tell him how hard you work and how beneficial it would be for the company if you went on break and came back with renewed energy.

Stand up for yourself.

Also: it always helps to be creative when it comes to this Chakra: utilizing dance, painting, music or theater can help you express an aspect of you that you feel is being suffocated in other areas of your life.

If you feel like you are not expressing all that you are, you need to promise yourself that you’ll find some way, any way, to let all that energy out–or else it will get stuck in your throat.

Interlocking purposes

The Throat Chakra is incredibly intertwined with The Community (or Root Chakra) – this means the lessons of this chakra will often involve other people in some form or fashion.

If, for instance, you decide to take a Jazz dance class to work on your Expressive Chakra, make sure to invite your friends and family to the final show recital so that they can witness this aspect of you.

The Expressive Chakra is all about feeding the need we all have to be seen, heard, and noticed. Make sure, when you are working on this Chakra, other people are involved so you feel noticed.

  • Meditate today on your Expressive Chakra with the intent on clearing and healing the chakra.

This is part three of a seven part series. We will be discussing The Heart Chakra next.

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