What Is The Heart (or Balancing) Chakra?

What Is The Heart (or Balancing) Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is located, where else, but the center of your heart. It is also called The Balancing Chakra as it resides at the center of The Skybound Chakras above it, and The Earthbound Chakras below it.

I will speak at length about this dynamic when speaking about the Heart Chakra because it is fundamental to what it is and how we heal it.

Its corresponding color is green. The corresponding geometric shape is the merkaba. The corresponding element is water.

Lessons of the Heart Chakra

The lesson of the Heart Chakra is rooted in emotions: our ability to feel them, release them when they’re done, and integrate them into our life experience.

Emotions are temporary but they still need to be felt. Emotions are neither logical nor rational – they are something the mind cannot solve. What emotions are for and how they help us can only be learned from experiencing them.

Emotions bring us into the present moment and although presence and awareness is the lesson we learn in The Mind Chakra, The Heart Chakra is where we complete the lesson of presence and awareness.

Through bringing attention to our pain we heal it, and when we heal it we learn the lesson the pain was trying to teach us.

Joy and peace are also lessons of the Heart Chakra and cultivating what makes us happy and joyful is just as important as healing our emotional suffering.

The final lesson of The Heart Chakra is impermanence: both our pain and our joy are fleeting, no one emotion sticks, and often this is the hardest lesson that all students of The Heart Chakra must learn.

Healing The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the Balancing Chakra, this means that it’s full power will only be felt until all the chakras are aligned – when all Chakras are aligned the Heart is wonderfully buoyant and filled with an ecstatic joy.

This is why people say “follow your heart,” for it is the Heart that gives you the signal that tells you that all your Chakras are aligned and the way forward is safe and clear and the most advantageous for you.

To heal the heart, I recommend a daily journal practice, going to therapy, and connecting emotionally with others.

Journaling on a daily basis will help you release emotional energy. 

It is also recommended that you go to a professional therapist. Not all of us have to go to conventional therapy: there are dance therapists, and music therapists, aroma therapists, theater therapists, horticultural therapy. There is couples therapy, and group therapy, grief counseling and specific therapy for addicts. If one form of therapy doesn’t work for you, try another: to heal your heart you must intend to find the right therapy and the right therapist for you. Be determined and pray for the resources needed to pay for the therapy, trust that God will provide, but also don’t be stubborn or close minded: if the answer comes from spirit that you need to ask others for help, ask for it!

Finally, it’s very important for you to connect with others emotionally – this is part of why we are here. Brene Brown is a master teacher on emotional connection and vulnerability and reading her books Darkng Greatly and Rising Strong can help teach you how to improve your emotional connection with others.

In meditation you can also clear out emotions by simply bringing attention and focus to the negative emotion and sending it love, healing, and a white light. Don’t resist the emotion, intend to feel it, but also intend to release it as well.

Write in your journal how you feel before, during, and after to see how the process has worked for you.

Interlocking purposes

The Heart Chakra is deeply involved with all the other Chakras. It really needs the rest of the chakras to be healed and realigned for it to be truly healed an happy.

Emotions are one of our major lessons here on earth, so as you explore every Chakra, make sure to tune into the emotional element of it: does a lesson of a particular Chakra fill you with wonder, sadness, joy, remorse, confusion, pain, peace, or trepidation? If it does, make sure you honor those feelings as they are important aspects of those lessons you are learning.

Many spiritual teachers and healers, surprisingly, forget to integrate their emotions with their teachings, it leaves their teachings with an academic or theoretical denseness that we might understand intellectually but feels dead to us emotionally. 

We’re not “feeling it.”

Stay away from overly intellectual spiritual teachers: true spiritual teachers have felt what it is to be alive and therefore are more capable of imparting wisdom to you that will help heal you, rather than give you a bunch of intellectual jargon that fills up your mind and maybe even your soul, but is completely empty to your heart.

True spiritual works fill up the heart, resonate with it, lift it up.

When you read them, your heart gives you the signal like yes: this is good for us! It will help align all of you! Keep reading! Keep listening! Yes!!! This guy gets us!!!

An overintellectual approach, meanwhile, often leaves you feeling more like you have homework to do: your heart will feel confused, stressed, overwhelmed, lost, unanchored or simply numb to the information.

As we continue to talk about the chakras, try to bring your feeling state to your awareness: how does what you learn about the other chakras make you feel emotionally?

How can you integrate those emotions with the Chakra you are focusing on?

  •  Today meditate on your Heart Chakra with the intention of clearing it and healing it.

This post is part of a seven part series. Next we will be discussing The Body Chakra.

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