Who Are The Archangels? Part II: The Archangels of The Four Directions

Who Are The Archangels? Part II: The Archangels of The Four Directions

Today, I would like to introduce some of the other Archangels that we can call upon to help us.

(For those of you that haven’t read Part I, I encourage you to do so by going here.)

Archangel Chamuel  

Archangel Chamuel has the energy of a luchador, a Mexican wrestler, and he’s the destroyer of obstacles, barriers and walls in your path.

Builder of bridges and openner of channels,  especially in relationships, Archangel Chamuel can help knock down that which is stopping you from building those strong relationships or creating a new career for yourself.

He is present if you suddenly feel as if all your obstacles have been removed and life and everything feels as if money, new relationships, and new opportunities are just pouring in for you.

When this is true for you, you may give him your gratitude.

If you have anything that you feel is blocking you, ask for Chamuel to break these barriers down.

That which is lost can also be recovered by Chamuel: simply ask that the thing you lost be recovered in a way that opens you up, and helps you grow spiritually, and the item (or person) will appear.

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel has a grandmother-like energy, a deep feminine indigenous elder shaman energy, which can often feel intimidating, but in an honorable way.

She helps healers master and develop their tools, skills and helps them work with the chi energy, the chakras, the auras, and the astrological energies of both moon and sun.

She is stern and powerful, highly respectful, but at the same time, soft, kind and gentle.

She loves working with the healing beads, healing necklaces and spiritual drums. Ask her for assistance when creating these precious spiritual healing tools.

Ask her to help you achieve expertise in any healing practice, but be careful: she’s a master teacher and she will always push you to apply your practice to YOURSELF first before trying it on another. She believes that the best teachers start off as the best students.

She is the archangel of patience, hard work, and diligence
. Believing nothing can be gained by only sitting on your butt and praying for things to get better, she’s always active, busy, and hard at work.

She’s truly the archangel of the “long-haul” and not “short-term quick fix.”

She demands also that you come to her with a “beginners mind”: clearing out all preconceived notions about healing and spirituality to arrive at a deeper and healthier approach.

She invites you to view your fear of learning new concepts as a sign of spiritual immaturity and laziness.

Her mantra is always: keep learning, keep growing, keep changing and keep adapting. She’s a beautiful energy and you will feel blessed to have her in your presence.

Archangel Jeremiel

Jeremiel is the archangel for therapists, the archangel of memory and archangel of self-introspection.

He invites you to review your life often, and is also the archangel of clearing out things that are holding you back; he’s also the archangel of organization and tidying up your space and appearance.

Jeremiel helps you bring forth your memories: if you’ve forgotten something important, ask Jeremiel to bring the memory forth. 

He is also the archangel who invites you to sit in quiet contemplation and introspection. 

Every once in a while, he also invites us to review our life and our past decisions so we can ensure that, going forward, we are making the choices that truly serve the betterment of us and humanity.

This also makes him the archangel of regret or lost chances. He invites us to re-examine those regrets and let them be our teachers and not our burdens.

The archangel of therapists and counselors, Archangel Jeremiel’s #1 teaching is to allow the client or student to arrive at their own understandings of things and to practice deep listening and affirmation of your client/student.

He says: “we are not here to impose our will or beliefs on others but to help them think for themselves, arrive at their own conclusions and revelations, and help them uncover that the power to heal and change lies within them.”

Archangel Raziel 

Archangel Raziel has the energy of an FBI agent: an air of mystery and quiet authority  follows him wherever he is present.

He’s the archangel of spies, detectives and conspiracy theorists. He always invites people to question what they know, question reality, question authority because there are always things hidden beneath these conventional things that often create a “false veneer.”

He is the archangel that makes you sniff at something or someone and ask yourself: “now, wait a minute, something is afoot.” Or “something’s wrong here.””Something doesn’t feel right.”

In that way, he is looking out for you and ensuring that you put your full trust and security in god and not in authority figures or institutions which–being human–can be very flawed and exploitative.

Raziel, with his Humphrey Bogart-type film noir style, invites you to guard your secrets and protect your privacy for not everything needs to be known, amd not everyone can honor the most vulnerable and sensitive parts of you: being exposed, he knows, can be truly damaging.

You can ask Raziel to help you guard your secrets and also determine situations in which you feel you may have to be dishonest in order to guard your privacy, and the moral dilemma inherent in such a choice.

The Archangels of The Four Directions (And The Center)

The Archangel of The North, The South, The West and The East are The Archangels of The Four Directions 

There is also The Archangel of the Center.

The Archangels of The Four Directions watch over the physical spaces we inhabit across the world: they ground us in physical reality but also clear up our connection to spirit; in other words, they are the archangels of balance, harmony, peace and resilience.

In ceremony, we begin by facing them as a way to honor their role in our creation for their power and energy was used to help establish the earth itself, and this is why they are often referred to as our “ancestors”  by the indigenous tribes of America.

They can feel to us like great old oak trees: like the oldest of the oldest of elders. 

Before engaging in a medicinal healing ceremony, it’s good to call upon them to clear and protect the space and help facilitate the healing.

They are 100% in favor of the shift in consiousness going on right now and would like to make their presence known to you so that you may be able to weather all the great shifts in energy going forward.

You are free to interpret / connect with them / honor them in any way you wish but they do ask that you call upon them with a sense of great honor and sacredness for their presence. They do not like “spiritual tourists” or individuals who are wanting to know them simply as a curiosity, or for entertainment, or for selfish reasons, instead they prefer and love serious spiritual seekers and mystics because these mystics understand that we are truly here for others and the collective awakening.

If you have proven yourself to work from a place of selfless service for the whole, and not from the ego space, then they will reveal themselves to you. 

If you are still in the ego place, you may not feel them, despite you’re most ardent efforts.

Each has a distinct personality and I invite you to connect with them next time you are in nature, and see what you feel or what messages you recieve from them.

Rest assured that if you are connecting with them you will feel very powerful and calm and their deep sense of groundness will definitely rub off on you.

This concludes our full exploration of The Archangels, feel free to share your insights and questions with me at ollinmorales@gmail.com.

Much love,


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