Hi, I’m Ollin, and I speak to Angels (or: How I Uncovered My Healing Gift)

Hi, I’m Ollin, and I speak to Angels (or: How I Uncovered My Healing Gift)

Hi, I’m Ollin and I speak to Angels.

Well guardian angels specifically, but I like to refer to them as spirit guides.

I know what you’re thinking:

“I’m sorry is he joking?”

No, in fact, I am not and today’s post will be all about how I uncovered my new gift and yes I’ll be addressing your initial shock and skepticism as I assure you, I now am very familiar with all types of reactions to what I do.

So here we go, (I’ve learned its best to just dive in):

1. What do you mean you speak with angels?

I mean that my intuitive sense has become so strong that I can understand the language of spirit guides and can communicate with them with great ease and can explain what they are saying to the person the spirit guide is assigned to protect and guide.

1. Wait, no seriously. Are you joking?

No, and by this time you know me well enough to know I would never joke about something as serious as this. My whole life has been a struggle to be brave enough to live my truth. I have actually gotten publicly humiliated for being openly gay and even left jobs because I found the practices to be dishonest in nature, and so there is absolutely no one who doesn’t know me to live a life of truth.

But I know it may be hard to understand and believe at first so that is why I’m taking to you today to explain it and address your questions.

3. Wait when did this all start? 

Well its gonna be around 8 months since I uncovered this gift and since then I have successfully connected more than 40 people with their spirit guides; all of the people I have helped connect with their guides have reported that the experience has been extremely positive and helpful to them.

4. This is crazy! How did it start?

Well, for the past five years I have engaged in meditation and chakra clearing with the intention of releasing all suffering within me and reaching a state of peace.

Soon my goal became to achieve enlightenment. But even so, the goal of enlightenment always seemed to be something I could only reach later in life, but, to my surprise, I reached this state earlier this year, in March of 2015, right before my 30th birthday.

Once I reached that stage, however, it was not long after that, that I uncovered I can communicate rather easily with spirit and I began to do readings and healings for people.

5. What do you mean by a “reading” and “healing”?

A reading is when I, as the translator, help your spirit guide/angel communicate their message to you.

Their message varies with each individual but, in general, it is always loving, peaceful, uplifting and uncannily precise.

The readings I do are always positive, affirmative and constructive. They are never negative.

A healing is when, through me, your spirit guide does a cleansing of your spirit, which you can also describe as your energy field. This often makes the person feel very soothed, peaceful and relaxed afterward.

6. I’ve actually experienced this kind of thing before and/or I’m familiar with it. What is unique about the readings you do?

I am sure you have heard of psychics, tarot card readers, mediums, etc.

But, to be honest with you, with all due respect to conventional psychics, my work is different in that I specifically work with spirit guides/guardian angels and not with any other supernatural phenomena; my readings are also always positive and constructive because the guides themselves are always positive and constructive.

Also: I never give more than one reading per person because the intention for the reading is to awaken you to the fact you have a guide and you can work with them one-on-one from now on.

7. Tell me about your personal journey with faith.

I grew up Catholic but left religion when I found out I was gay and found the church unwelcoming.

For many years I was an atheist. I didn’t believe in god as a concept much less in spirits or angels. I was convinced it was all superstition.

Finally for the last five years I pursued my connection with God within.

Now, I live everyday not only experiencing the proof of the existence of God, but also experiencing the miraculous way in which he works to heal and love his children.

I would have been the first person to dismiss my claim as false back when I was a skeptic, and that is why I say to you: God welcomes the skeptic. He wants you to challenge him to earn his faith. All those years of being an atheist actually led me to a proof beyond a doubt that there is a God and that he is unconditionally loving.

8.Why are you telling us now? 

Because I have done enough readings to prove to myself the validity and effectiveness of this gift and now want to reveal this gift to the public so as many people who wish to can experience this gift of mine.

9. What about your book?

I am still writing my book and still pursuing publishing. But, right now, as you can imagine, this has to go on hold until I uncover more of what this gift is about. In the meantime, my hope is to continue writing the blog with a focus on writing and creativity, with exceptions of posts such as these.

10. I’d like more information about your readings.

You can reach out to me at ollinmorales@gmail.com for more information about scheduling a reading and healing with me.

[You can read testimonials from former clients of mine by going here.]

Much love,


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