What People Are Saying About My Angel Readings

What People Are Saying About My Angel Readings

The following are testimonials gathered from clients of my Angel Readings. Here’s just a taste of the amazing feedback I have been getting from my angel readings. (For more details about pricing and logistics you can visit this page.)

Ollin’s ability to channel spirit is incredible. He was very thoughtful in making sure I felt comfortable before doing my reading. He explained all of the details, and made sure that I was clear on all of my questions. Once I was in the session at some point I knew I wasn’t talking to Ollin anymore. My spirit guide was chatting with me, and I was ready to take full advantage of the experience. I asked every question I could possibly think of in the moment, and I got a lot of answers to questions I’ve had for more than a decade. The experience was beautiful, surprising, inspiring, and a whirlwind. The effects of the reading continued to play a role in my life for months to come, and even now, more than a year later I find myself always turning back to my notes from that session to remind myself of who I am, where I’m going, and what I have left to heal. 

I was blessed to be a witness to five more readings with Ollin. My own was fascinating, but as I sat through more and more readings, I realized how incredible his gift truly was. I got to witness as an outsider and see the effects a reading had on each individual. Each session left me awestruck. I left one session on such a high I felt that I would burst with joy. Living in this space is powerful, but so is the work that our guides give us in these sessions. The work is not always easy, it’s sometimes painful, but no one knows us better than our spiritual guides. They know how to push all the right buttons. For someone prepared to receive their messages, it can be truly life-changing. 

I could talk about this for pages and pages, but the point is that Ollin has been given a gift to help us communicate with spirit, so that we can be empowered to trust our own gifts, intuition, and purpose. In doing so we heal, and in healing ourselves we slowly heal the world.” 

– Linda Chavez

“I painted [a] piece as Spiritual channeling for Ollin Morales in gratitude for the magical connection to my angel spirit guide he facilitated for me. If you’re in need of connection to your guide, I highly recommend his services.”
-Angel reading client

“When Ollin contacted me out of the blue to inform me of his very special message for me, I only knew him as a fellow Stanford classmate from afar, and I only respectfully knew him for his “Courage 2 Create” as writer and book author. It turns out that his outreach came at a very important transitional period in my life, where I was eager to connect to myself spiritually. 

God heard my call and he sent me Ollin: a familiar face who came through in a way that only God can provide! I am sure you are feeling a bit anxious, excited or even a little confused by the approach at first, simply because most people simply aren’t used to being part of a MIRACLE! But that is exactly what this is. Go with it and trust it….:) 

If Ollin came to you with an important message, rest assured that it is for a very special reason, and it is a sign of things to come and your preparation for it. 

On the day of the official meeting, I was very glad I said yes, as it really was a completely new experience for me, even as someone who has been exposed to spiritual upbringings and healings throughout my life. When you’re in the session, you get the feeling that you wish you could stay for longer. The truth is, the recorded session will continue to give you more understanding when you look back to it months afterwards. 

My advice is to DEFINITELY accept the call from Ollin’s services to communicate with your Angel. Be prepared with good questions, especially one that asks how and with what method you, specifically, can best continue to communicate with your angels beyond the initial session. Leave your ego and insecurities at the door, and ask your heart away as best as you can because this will guarantee a PRICELESS experience. 

All I can say is Thank You Ollin for having the courage to go out there on a limb….it’s a beautiful thing, and for me, it was for a true authentic purpose. I am glad I did it and I hope that my words serve as a testament of truth and a genuine recommendation for others to accept the call.

Love and Light always,”


“… you may remember that during my reading my angel brought to my attention the fact that I have to stop living as though “someday” I’ll reach my full potential as a person and only then will I be good enough for someone. 

She told me I have to recognize that I am already whole and I have to live ad though I’m already the “perfect me” That was quite eye opening for me because I’d never had anyone explain it to me that way before – I had always preferred to live as though I were broken and needed to be fixed (and would ‘eventually’ be, but not yet). 

Literally the morning after my reading I met someone who is everything I deserve, the sweetest and most attentive person I’ve ever known as far as his behavior towards me is concerned. I don’t want to come to any conclusions too fast but he’s exactly the kind of man I used to daydream about bring with when I was a little girl. I’m falling for him and so is he. And he thinks I’m perfect exactly as I am. I’ve actually been a bit in shock for the last couple of weeks over it, because I’m still waiting for there to be some kind of catch that’s a major deal breake, but there isn’t one. He’s just marvelous, and he came out of nowhere. 

And I do believe it’s because of the healing I received at my reading with you. I never fully opened myself up to the possibility that the right person could show up in spite of whatever “imperfect” state I’m in. I hope that makes sense and I just wanted to pass on my gratitude.”

– JT

 “I absolutely trust Ollins intuition and would encourage anyone to experience a session with him. Each person’s experience with spirit guide readings are subjective and through my spirit guide reading with Ollin I gained deeper insight, connection and intuition. 

Over the month following my spirit guide reading with Ollin I was still processing our experience while slowly integrating the practices my spirit guide suggested as I began to have days filled with many inspiring and validating moments of synchronicity! 

Months later, those building moments have supported me in maintaining a deeper felt spiritual connection, opening to being able to more frequently receive the messages my spirit guides and Source are communicating and by inspiring consistency in spiritual practices I had previously intended to integrate into my life. 

I am grateful for Ollin and our encounter! I am thankful to Ollin for making himself available to me and so many others I know he has supported and healed with his intuitive gifts! One Love!”

-Angel reading client 

“Ollin connected me to my angel guide… I can rest easy at night knowing that my guide has shared the communications she needed to share with me and I can know that I am on the right path for myself and my life…Thank-you Ollin for being a clearing for this powerful and ancient conversation” 

– Sharnee

“I got so much out of my experience with Ollin He makes you feel comfortable and supported through this very emotional, spiritually intense process. He was kind, gentle, and prepared himself as a neutral vessel for the experience. I would 100% recommend working with him to connect to spirit if you’re going through a moment that requires some extra clarity. He truly offers an incredible, one-in-a-lifetime service.”

– Angel reading client

“When I heard about Ollin’s angel readings I was suffering a crisis of faith, and hadn’t laughed in months. Smiling was difficult. I thought the readings might be a long shot, and I didn’t even think I’d find the time to speak with him, but time just miraculously opened up. Despite my hesitance, the angel’s words of advice were compassionate and full of love. And to my surprise, I smiled and laughed all the way through the reading. For the laughter alone, I’ll forever be grateful”

-T, an angel reading client.

“My reading with Ollin was so insightful, supportive, and fun as well. This truly precious information will guide me for years to come, and in fact help to clarify my life direction. It was also fascinating to discover that my angel represents exactly what I need and wish for in my life. I find it so reassuring to have this angelic assistance always by my side. Thank you, Ollin.”

– Sandra Pawula

After the reading session with my Angel, I felt a sense of calm and a feeling that I was being taking care of. One of the things my Angel said to me was that the future does not exist and that I should focus more on the now. My Angel was right, I do tend to focus on the future and I do tend to worry. Although it is difficult to break bad habits, I have faith that with my Angel’s guidance I will become a person who lives in the present. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to communicate with my angel.”

– Anonymous

To book a reading with your angel please send an e-mail to ollinmorales@gmail.com,with the subject heading “Angel reading.”

Much Angel love,


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