How Creatives Can Utilize The Chakra System, Part II: Healing The Chakra System

How Creatives Can Utilize The Chakra System, Part II: Healing The Chakra System

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Another way to view the chakra system is as if it was one continuous stream of energy: love.

Love is freeing, peaceful, whole, grounding, bouyant, satisfying, joyful, energetic, etc.

All the positive emotions are contained within love. This is because everything, including you, including what some call “God,”or the universe, is made of this substance.

Through our free will choices we get to decide at every single moment if we are open or closed to love.

Closing the chakra system feels like fear, panic, depression, anxiety.

Opening the chakra system feels like love, joy, ecstasy, grace, healing.

There are two settings for each of the seven chakras: closed or open.

Which will you choose?

Healing The Chakra System

The chakra system is inside of you. It is also so reflective of your life that you will know immediately where you are blocked and why as you begin to review the system.

(Trust your intuition: you know more than you think you know.)

The first step to healing the chakra system is to recognize blockages in the system.

Start from top to bottom.

Examine the Spirit Chakra first. What is inside the chakra? Is it light, or heavy? Dark or clear? Are there colors there? What colors are there? What do these colors mean to you? What emotions arise as you examine this chakra?

Awareness in and of itself is very healing, so as you bring awareness to the chakra you may already notice the blockages shifting, moving, dissolving even, maybe even floating up the system to a different area of the body. You might sense an emotional release. There may be pain, pressure, discomfort, a wanting to shed tears, a resistance to the excercise itself that might feel like boredom or impatience, or maybe you feel like wanting to hum, whine, or scream.

Just open and relax into the experience. Don’t resist or the pain will increase. What you resist persists. Go with the flow no matter how painful it may seem at first, the healing comes from being in the flow not out of it. That’s one of the secrets.

Once you have assessed the damage, explore the origin of the blockage. Write down your thoughts on your journal. If no origin can be found, that’s okay, maybe it will surface later.

At last: focusing on the problem area, imagine a white light, made of unconditional love, peace and warmth, flowing into the chakra and imagine the white light dissolving the blockage, breaking it apart and shoving it out of the system into the sky where it evaporates in a sea of unconditional love.

Imagine this, and not only will you feel it happening, you will feel much better afterwards!


When you are finished doing this with every single chakra, you can imagine the flow of white light moving from top to bottom, through all seven chakras, like one never-ending flowing stream.

At the end of the healing session you may feel a bit disoriented and frazzled. This is because the “junk” you have been carrying has all been brought to the surface.

Make sure to remain open and relax: allow all that “junk” to exit the system–it doesn’t want to stay inside of you. It wants to leave, open the door let it out.

Affirm that you wish to release all negative energy from your system and that you are open to unconditional love, healing and light.

Be persistent, determined, and never give up, even if, at first, you feel nothing.

Negative thought patterns may also arise. Become aware of them, write them down, these are the unconscious negative thought patterns that have been holding you back, become familiar with them so you can later change the programming in your mind by affirming positive, constructive statements.

You may exhibit physical symptoms like restlessness, discomfort or tension. Love your body: give it water, fresh fruits and vegetables, give it a massage, whisper to it positive things like “I love you.” Go for a jog to release stress and tension that has arisen.

Finally, connect with a friend, share the experience with them: what was uncovered? What was still unclear to you? Try to find the origin of the blockage, it goes a long way to releasing its power over you.

The more you engage in this work the better the results and the closer you will get to Enlightement which I define as living with all your chakras fully healed. It is not a moment of “perfection” or “sainthood,” you will still be very much a human with limitations who is prone to make mistakes, but you will be fully open to life, not closed it, and it will feel like being fully present, deeply in love with life, where miracles and synchronicities are common place.

much love,


This concludes my two part series about the chakras, if you would like to experience a guided  healing of your chakra system with your angel feel free to email me at



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