What People Are Saying About My Angel Readings, Part 2

What People Are Saying About My Angel Readings, Part 2

The following are more testimonials taken from clients who have worked with me and have connected to their guardian angel through me.

“My angel reading with Ollin was definitely an eye opening spiritual experience for me. I struggled with finding my passion because I didn’t have that “one thing” but the reading hit on all the topics I wanted to cover and I recieved a great deal of clarity to move forward on my journey. I can’t thank you enough, Ollin, for this experience. Much gratitude now and always.”

-Reeya Chunn

“I’m really glad that Ollin reached out to me to see if I wanted to connect with my guardian spirit. I have been opening up to spirituality in the past few months, and when he reached out to me I thought ‘why not?!’

Connecting with my spirit guide was a fantastic experience… It was great to know that I’m not alone as I move one to much bigger challenges. It was comforting and empowering to know that as I work on my next steps personally and professionally, there is someone, something, who has my back. I feel empowered and ready for what’s to come. 

Thank you, Ollin, for connecting us!”

-Angel reading client 

“I have had many readings over my lifetime with talented intuitives. Ollin is right there with them. His delivery is fresh, to the point, and loving. He has a special gift of making the messages practical to life. You will have exercises to walk away with to build your own connection and apply these tools in your life. I am grateful our paths crossed.”

– Kryss Castle

“My experience with Ollin’s channeling session brought me closer to my guide. He helped me see that my highest form of service is in teaching – and this dawning realization has been helping me to move forward more productively. I found the insights I gained through Ollin’s session to be astute and inspiring and rather formative as I go through the transition between my late twenties to my thirties. I have clearer understanding of my higher purpose and the way that my pursuit of love can be understood and managed. I’m really grateful to have received these lifelong lessons – they’ll be getting put to use for a while!”

– Angel reading client 

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